What are others saying?

When you combine a customized, targeted approach with a highly entertaining and interactive style, you understand why Dr. McDougall's presentations and trainings consistently receive rave reviews.

“Dr. McDougall is truly unique among the members of his profession in that he deftly applies his vast knowledge and expertise with the precision of a surgeon.  Yet, he carefully considers the broad range of challenges that each member of our profession – as individuals – face on a daily basis as well as the needs of the organizations he serves.  Thoughtful, balanced, and deliberate, I have never seen a consummate professional more imminently qualified to assist the law enforcement community, its leaders, or its frontline personnel with the care and concern he genuinely has for each client he assists.  We rely extensively on Dr. McDougall to assist our employees during their most difficult hours, and he has never failed to excel.” 

Mike Prendergast, Sheriff
Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

“I had the privilege of attending Dr. McDougall’s presentation at the 2019 IACP conference in Chicago. He immediately captured my attention with his innate way of interacting with the audience. Dr. McDougall is special and truly cares about the men and women serving in law enforcement. Dr. McDougall’s approach on helping people deal with stress and trauma is refreshing, and in my opinion, it is exactly what we need in law enforcement. It is abundantly clear that Dr. McDougall knows how to work with cops and understands the dynamics we face in this profession. Dr. McDougall’s charismatic personality and sense of humor are ideal for law enforcement personnel. He makes people feel comfortable and eliminates the typical barriers that prevent people from effectively communicating. Law enforcement is fortunate to have Dr. McDougall on our side working to keep us healthy.”

Austin Anderson
Patrol Division Commander
Syracuse Police Department, Utah

“Dr. McDougall has provided immensely valuable mental health services to our employees either through individual sessions or group training for several years. He understands the stressors within public safety and addresses them genuinely. He knows our trauma exposure occurs daily and is career long. Forty year public safety veterans have said his was the best training they had ever received. The toil of cumulative trauma exposure is often overlooked by supervisors and administrators. Dr. McDougall teaches us how best to take care of ourselves so that we may continue to be able to serve others.”

Sadie Darnell, Sheriff
Alachua County Sheriffs Office

“I had the privilege to attend Dr. McDougall’s recent seminar in Tallahassee entitled “PTSD Train the Trainer.” Since the seminar was sponsored by the FL Sheriffs Association, I felt a bit out of place at first, since I was the only person in the class representing the fire service. Dr. McDougall, however, put us all at ease, treating us all as professionals merely trying to work together to gain knowledge we could all take back to our agencies and personnel.”

“I was impressed with Dr. McDougall’s knowledge and experience in the area of emergency responder PTSD. I also enjoyed his “down to earth” presentation style. He made the clinical things understandable. Not only was I the only fire representative, but I was the only Chaplain in the room. I was most encouraged by his understanding of the Chaplain’s role in dealing with the common stressors associated with first responder work. This is often minimized, but he felt our role was an integral part both the preventative and mitigation aspects of the subject.”

“He answered my questions at breaks and never seemed to be bothered by them. That showed me his real interest in the subject. He truly does have a heart for the mental well-being of the responders serving our communities. I have corresponded with him since the seminar, and he has always been gracious with his time and knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend his seminars.”​​

William “Bill” Wright, Chaplain
Santa Rosa County (FL) Firefighters Association

“Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund recently hired Dr. Grant McDougall, PhD to conduct training to numerous sheriff’s offices and police departments regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. McDougall has an incredible ability to use humor, hard fact, his intelligence and experience to create thought-provoking awareness of recognizing the signs of PTSD. He is a very skilled and knowledgeable speaker and did a fantastic job of relaying his experiences in dealing with survivors of PTSD to the participants. Dr. McDougall’s Train the Trainer seminar was impactful and provided 146 attendees from 50 agencies with a wealth of information to deliver to their respective organizations.”

Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger (Ret.)
Executive Director
Florida Sheriff’s Risk Management Fund

We had the privilege to hear Dr. McDougall speak at IACP and we were impressed by the engaging presentation. This year we invited him to speak to a workgroup with multiple chiefs to further the discussion on mental health. Dr. McDougall is able deliver critical information to officers in a manner that is engaging, humble, and with humor. He kept the audience’s attention and started many healthy conversations. I was especially impressed that he arrived a day early in Las Vegas to spend a (very) late evening on a ride-along to get to know our operations better. We would love to have him present again in the future.

Trouper Snow
Chief Ranger
National Park Service, Pacific West Region
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area


“Dr. McDougall and I serve together on the Board of the National Sheriffs’ Association, Psychological Services Section. In addition to Dr. McDougall’s exemplary service on the Board, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct professional training with Dr. McDougall for law enforcement leaders at the national level. Dr. McDougall is an outstanding and dynamic presenter who understands very well how to captivate, engage, and educate. I have always found Dr. McDougall to be personable, professional, and knowledgeable, and I am greatly impressed with his long-standing dedication to serving the public safety community in Florida and beyond.”

David Black, Ph.D.

“It is absolutely critical for an agency and its’ employees to have confidence in their providers. We have always had a trusting relationship with Dr. McDougall. We have total confidence in his abilities and he truly has been essential in helping those in need.”

Major Elena Vitt
Bureau of Support Operations
Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

“I have been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years. In my experience I had never quite been able to trust that a Mental Health Counselor would be able to supply ample need to anyone in law enforcement as they don’t understand our job. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. G. McDougall and attending some training he presented. It was eye opening, I couldn’t believe that someone in that capacity actually had the ability to understand the stressors of our job in law enforcement. He is down to earth and direct and that is what law enforcement officers look for.”

“I have also been in Negotiations for more than 14 years and the commander of our Negotiation team, as well as the Ambassador for FAHN (Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators). I have since had the pleasure to have Dr. G. come and speak for us at numerous events for FAHN that will help us not only in Negotiations but also in our everyday law enforcement jobs. He has the ability to get everyone’s attention and get them engaged in what he is speaking on. From someone with boots on the ground every day, he is definitely an asset to the law enforcement community.”

Sgt. Sandra Myers
Criminal Investigations Division/Major Crimes Unit
Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators Ambassador