Professional Services

For over a decade, Grant McDougall has provided training and consulting services to law enforcement, first responder, and other public service agencies and organizations. His sessions are information-intensive and heavily focused on real-world application while still remaining entertaining and engaging.

Conferences and Keynotes

Dr. McDougall is a repeat speaker at the largest of first responder conferences such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriffs’ Association.  There is a reason he continues to be invited back year after year.  He understands the diversity of topics within that realm and is constantly educating himself and others on the ever-changing topics and dynamics within that field.  Today, perhaps more than ever, agencies, administrators, and front-line personnel are faced with challenges and stressors; many that are new and unique.  Dr. McDougall has spoken on the most pressing and critical issues and continues to expand his repertoire.  He understands that conferences and organizations must focus not only on finding experts on the topics on which they speak, but also to provide useful information to the audience in an engaging and entertaining way.

Trainings and Workshops

Dr. McDougall provides customized training and workshops to law enforcement agencies and first responder organizations throughout the United States and abroad.  He works with small, rural first responder agencies and large, federal and national organizations.  He has provided training to a wide array of organizations ranging from the U.S. National Parks Service to the Florida Association of Police Attorneys. 

Although there are cultural norms within the first responder community, Dr. McDougall strives to look at each training or workshop as an opportunity to address the specific needs of his audience and to identify the most practical and efficient solutions to their problems.  Many of his trainings and workshops are very popular and requested often, however each program is customized often utilizing entirely new material based upon the specific needs or issues of the audience.  No two trainings or workshops are the same.  Trainings and workshops vary in structure and format.  They can be as brief and succinct as a one-hour overview or as in-depth and detailed as a multiple day, educational seminar. 

Dr. McDougall utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to deliver information in the most impactful and entertaining way possible.  From structured debates to video recordings of clinical sessions with first responder patients, participants are provided much more than regurgitated information from a speaker reading from his notes.  Workshop and training participants not only receive valuable and applicable information, but are also engaged and entertained.   He has provided training to a wide array of organizations ranging from the U.S. National Parks Service to the Florida Association of Police Attorneys. 

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Consulting Services

Agencies and organizations sometimes require specialized, expert advise on psychology-related topics.  These topics can range from leadership and supervision, policy evaluation and changes, employee recruitment, retention, and morale, work-life balance, and communication strategies and techniques.  Dr. McDougall has provided professional consultation to agencies on those topics and more.

He is available for consultation in a variety of formats.  Like his presentations and training, he approaches each assignment with the specific needs of the customer in mind and strives to understand the unique characteristics of each organization.  He grasps the importance of being heard and understood, and goes to great lengths to gather the volumes of material necessary to render valuable and applicable opinions and advice.  Contact Dr. McDougall today for a free initial consult.